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zte mf910 lte 4g wifi pocket router unlocked with free 2pcs antenna купить по лучшей цене

Aimed to improve your phone signal, this HUAWEI 3G 4G LTE TS9 Antenna is compatible with most TS9 devices. Comes with a cable which is 2 meters long, the antenna has the highest gain 35DBI ANTENNA 3G/4G LTE. Features Compatible with Almost All TS9 Devices This antenna will work with all mobile broadband devices that have an external antenna port TS9. Improve Your Phone Signal This antenna is to improve your mobile broadband reception if you are in a low signal area. Highest 35DBI Antenna with the highest gain 35dbi antenna 3G / 4GLTE. Support 4G LTE This antenna has 2 TS9 Connector for the latest high-speed 4G LTE Modem/ MiFi devices. Convenient Long Cable With a cable which is 2 meters in length, it is convenient to use. Important Note Please make sure your device has an external antenna port TS9, and not a CRC9 version. Specifications Type Antenna Frequency A: 2010-2025MHZ E: 2320-2370MHZ D: 2500-2690MHZ Q: 1880-1900MHZ LTE: 450-470 / 2300-2400MHZ VSWR   Gain 35 dBi Polarization Type Vertical Rated power 50 W Input Impedance 50 ohms nominal Cable Type RG174 (best) to 100% of the Cooper length 2 m Connector Type TS9 head Installation Adsorption and hang Weight 280g Product Size 15 x 15 x 2.2 cm Package Size 16.5 x 17.5 x 5 cm Mi-Fi Devices: Huawei E586es Huawei E5332 Huawei E5776 Huawei E5756 Huawei E589 ZTE MF60 ZTE MF80 USB Mobile Broadband Devices: Huawei E3131 Huawei E353 Huawei E392 Huawei E398 Huawei E8278 What's in the box? 1 x TS9 Antenna
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