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Video Zidoo Eversolo can offer ten high quality natural sound, including ocean, stream, twitter, summer, farm, cafe, wind, campfire, rain and thunder. It can make you fall asleep easier, sleep better and wake-up refreshed. Ten High Quality Natural Sound Seamlessly looping of ten natural sounds without any audio clips. Mixing Supports customizing your unique sound with mixing different white noises. Two Full Frequency Speakers With oversize echo cavity and strong bass, make the voice more clean and better acoustic fidelity. Auto Timer Off Use the optional timer that can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes or just leave the sound on all night. Bluetooth 4.1 Support connecting with all Bluetooth enabled device within 66 feet, you can listening music through your mobile phone or other music player. Wide application Suitable for bedroom, work, leisure and babies. Specifications Brand Zidoo Model Eversolo Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 Color White Product Size 219*129*109mm Package Weight 1.5kg Package Contents 1 x Zidoo Eversolo White Noise Generator
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