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yatour digital music car audio usb adapter mp3 aux bluetooth for alpine m bus and honda acura 92 97 cdc interface cd changer купить по лучшей цене

video The Ugreen MM114 Car Bluetooth Adapter is designed to provide you with wireless music and phone talk experience. Simply plug the adapter into the car stereo or wired speaker / headphone connect your Bluetooth enabled device to the adapter have instant connection. 3.5mm Plug for Wide-Range Usages With 3.5mm audio plug on the adapter, it is compatible with car Aux, wired speaker/headphone with 3.5mm interface into a Bluetooth device. Premium Bluetooth Chip Uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology ensures stable and interference-free wireless transmission of audio as well as low power consumption. Turn the Car Stereo into a Bluetooth Device Plug this Bluetooth adapter into the audio port in your car, and then you can connect you phone with your car to enjoy wireless music and make hands-free phone calls, easy and simple. Turn Your Wired Speaker/Headphone into Bluetooth Speaker/Headphone If your speaker doesn't have Bluetooth function, you can plug this Bluetooth adapter into the 3.5mm audio port to turn it into a Bluetooth speaker. Easy to OperateYou can answer or hang up the phone call via a short click the multifunctional button, and reject or redial phone (call via double click). Long Transmission Distance Up to 10M With the built-in PIFA antenna, it can provide great performance within the Bluetooth effective area range of 10 meters. Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery There is a rechargeable Li-ion battery built-in the Bluetooth adapter, which can provide up to 4 hours of playing time. Specifications Name Car Bluetooth Adapter Brand Ugreen Model MM114 Material ABS Case Output 800-900W SNR >98dB AUX Interface 3.5mm AUX Battery Capacity 3.7V, 120mAh Mic Yes Hands-free Calls Supported Transmission Distance Up to 10M Bluetooth Version 4.1 Bluetooth Name Ugreen-Bluetooth Charging Interface5V Micro USB Music/Talk Time About 4 hours Frequency Response 20Hz-22KHz Product Size 50 x 22 x 14.3 mm Package Contents 1 x Ugreen MM114 3.5mm Car Bluetooth Audio Music Adapter, 1 x 1m Charging Cbale, 1 x Manual
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