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yanho ya076 bicycle front tube bag for touch screen cell phone gps black grey купить по лучшей цене

With excellent performance in water and abrasive resistance, this BaseCamp BC-301 Bicycle Frame Front Bag is designed for a road bike, track bike even mountain bike. You can take it with you wherever you go, when you feel boring, you can enjoy the music cause there is a headphone hole on the bottom of the bag. It has the sensitive touch screen, useful visor, and double zipper design would provide you a safer and more comfortable bicycle riding journey. Suitable for 5.0-5.8 inches mobile phone, a good riding partner for you. Sensitive touch screen Touch screen surface, won't affect you to use your mobile phone. Waterproof design With extra waterproof cover, well protect the bag from heavy rains. Reflective strips With visor, make sure the screen of cell phone can be seen clearly anytime Double zipper design Convenient to take the gadgets, thickened pad inside will protect your accessories well from crashing. With headphone plug The extra headphone extension cord will makes it convenient to enjoy music in your mobile phone. Suitable screen size Suitable for 5.0-5.8 inches screen mobile phone. 1.8L storage capacity With one 1.8L large bag to storage items and one phone bag for touch screen mobile phones. Quick release & installation Suitable for a road bike, mountain bike, track bike etc. Specifications Brand Basecamp Model Number BC-301 Material PU Suitable for Electric Bicycle, Fixed Gear Bicycle, Road Bike, Touring Bicycle Emplacement Front Tube Product Weight 350 g Subject Bag Size 120mm x 185mm x 40mm Phone Bag Size 25mm x 195mm x 110mm Package Content 1 x BaseCamp BC-301 Bicycle Front Tube Waterproof Bag
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