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xkt 412 wireless charging module wireless power supply module high current wireless transmission module купить по лучшей цене

Module Introduction 1. This module uses chip model CC1101 all using 0402 components making the volume of the module is smaller and better performance. 2. Using high-quality components crystal imported 10ppm small size package module overall performance is very good. 3. Supports low-power mode by appropriate configuration of CC1101 module the entire board can be kept to a minimum to achieve the current 0.5uA. 4. Supply range is 1.8-3.6V a very wide range of power supply to meet the requirements of battery-powered. 5. Using the SMA external screw hole can be equipped with the screw in the needle-type antenna. 6. Small size very far transmission distance. Typical applications The module can be widely used in wireless high-speed data transmission remote collection security alarm store monitoring smart home robotics applications model lighting control intelligent buildings medical equipment wireless audio VOIP applications high-end toys intelligent sports equipment a variety of application scenarios wireless beds networks. Usage Introduction 1. MCU SPI bus module using internal registers and IO port access and control to achieve the purpose of the data transceiver module transceiver data rate and adjustable frequency. 2. Module communication level can use 5V supply voltage only 1.8-3.6V otherwise it will cause permanent damage. Compatibility characteristics Interface is compatible with all nRF24L01P wireless module the hardware can not alter convenient switching 2.4G/433M program.
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