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Revision with unchanged content. Are you ready to "go China"? With the pressure of going global growing, the question of "going China" has gained even more relevance. Yet, despite China's booming economy, success there represents a daunting challenge for overseas firms. This book helps narrow the gap between possible opportunities and uncertainties for multinational companies considering market entry in China. It begins by studying Chinese marketing conditions such as political, economic, socio-cultural, and legal factors, and then focuses on the automobile market with up-to-date data. Part II provides a comparative overview of eight entry modes, such as export, joint venture, and subsidiary with an assessment of their potential advantages and disadvantages. Other issues include what strategies late entrants can adopt to make their entry successful. This is a well-organized book with an accurate analysis and pragmatic ideas, through which the author Xiumei Liu presents a clear roadmap for overseas companies in their decision-making process by answering the most challenging questions of "Whether or not?", "How?", "When?", and "Where?" to enter in the Chinese market. This book should interest managers in multinational firms, international marketers, students of international marketing and those interested in understanding the Chinese business environment and/or designing a successful entry strategy in China.
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