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DJI Phantom1 2 2V 2V+ 3 X380 V393 Upair Cheerson CX-20 CX-22 9443 Propeller Prop WSX-002 Note: Dear Customer, The factory have tested the propller and it absolutely suit the DJI. Please rest assured purchase. For those who purchased the propeller appearing unsuitable phenomenon is due to the customer's own motor thread damage or aging will cause the propeller does not fit. Intact motor thread or a new thread is absolutely no problem. Banggood Description: Brand Name: WSX Item Name: propeller prop Color: green / red / white Material: AB glue Quantity: one CW and one CCW Usage: for DJI phantom 1 DJI Phantom 2 DJI Phantom 2V DJI phantom 2V+ DJI Phantom 3 WLtoys V303 WLtoys V393 WLtoys X380 Cheerson CX-20 Cheerson CX-22 Feature: More strength,the quality of the same strength is much higher than other materials ,which can reduce the gyroscopic effect of rotating the head. High hardness and elastic deformation is very small, which can increase the flexibility of the quadcopter. Package Included: 1 x propeller prop CW 1 x propeller prop CCW

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