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Kids’ Puzzle and Activity Book Space & Adventure! is the second book in the kids’ Puzzle Series that is rocketing kids away from boredom! Allow your child to lose their way in space themed mazes, games, quizzes, do-to-dots, colouring in fun pictures, spot the differences, and so much more! This book is also ideal for parents to use as a fun way to ensure their children stay at the top at school, keeping their child’s learning active and enjoyable! The ultimate puzzle and activity book for children as young as five for any occasion. • Keep the kids engaged for hours with over 60+ puzzles, games and activities; • Large text and images for children to see clearly; • Space and adventure theme throughout; • This fun-packed book is ideal for journeys, helping them whizz by! • Lots of puzzles and quizzes including mazes, word searches and spot the difference. • Plus you can colour in the entire book! • Doubles up as a fun way to ensure your child remains top of their class.
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