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wired remote shutter release for canon pentax samsung contax 110cm cable купить по лучшей цене

100% Full compatibility with Canon RS-60E3/Pentax CS-205 original controllers - Compact multiple features in one design: focus shutter bulb self timer interval shutter release exposure timer multiple exposure timer and some other features - Precision digital timers built-in - Timer range for all features: from 1 second all the way up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds - Interval filming with configurable time interval (perfect for time elapsed photography) - Bulb control (up to 100 hours exposure time) - Supports interval based multiple exposure control (up to 399 exposures) - Designed to work on the following SLR and Digital SLR camera models: Pantex K100D K110D K10D K20D K200D*ist DS2 *ist D *ist Ds *ist *ist DL MZ-6 ZX-L MZ-L *ist DL2 Contax N/645 645 N1 NX N Digital Samsung GX-1L GX-1S GX-10 GX-20 Canon EOS 30 EOS 33 EOS 50E EOS 300 400D 450D EOS 300V EOS 300D EOS 350D EOS 3000 EOS 50 EOS 500 EOS 55 EOS 500N EOS 300X EOS Kiss EOS New Kiss EOS Kiss 7 EOS Kiss III EOS 7 EOS 7s EOS400D EOS Digital Rebel EOS Digital Rebel XT EOS Digital Rebel XTi Kiss Digital Kiss Digital N ELAN 7N ELAN II ELAN DATE ELAN 7 ELAN 7NE ELAN IIE Rebel 2000 Rebel G Rebel T2 Rebel Ti Rebel X Rebel XS
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