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wired remote shutter release for canon eos30 eos33 pentax samsung more купить по лучшей цене

This 3 in 1 2.4GHz wireless flash trigger can be used as studio flash trigger, flash trigger and shutter release. Features Flash sync speed up to 1/200s: take advantage of sync speeds up to 1/200 second with compatible cameras. FSK 2.4GHZ frequency which can ensure the transmission speed. The distance can reach 100m and also stability. It can trigger several model of Canon and Nikon camera. It can wireless control shutter release. It has flash wake up function Hot shoe fixed ring makes the installation more fitting. The simply 4 group channel design satisfy the location that can't be filmed. Specifications Sync speed 1/200s Distance 100m Channel 4 channels Shutter release half-press, full press The terminal connector of transmitter PC input terminal connector The terminal connector of receiver 2.5mm plug The number of transmit above 20000 times Battery 4 x 1.5V AAA(not included) Transmitter dimension60L x 45W x 25Hmm Receiver dimension 80L x 45W x 30Hmm Weight 150g Package content 1 x transmitter, 1 x receiver, 1 x PC cable, 1 x user manual Certification CE, RoHS
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