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Aputure PRO COWORKER A New design and Multi-purpose wireless remote kit with a exchangeable cable is designed for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus etc. .For different brand cameras you only need to change corresponding cable. Also Receiver light standing on the top is very human design let you easily find whether auto-focus or shooting. For this active item you are looking is PRO COWORKER Wireless Remote 1C-BLK. It can be completely compatible Canon and have more powerful functions. The product combines the function of remote control and shutter release cable. With this multi-functional wireless remote you can strongly trigger the camera's shutter release from a long effective distance up to 50m (150ft). Features: 1. Energy Saving Design Long Working Hour With its low voltage and energy saving design you don't have to change the battery often. With a new battery the receiver standby time is about 1000 hours. With a new battery the remote control can trigger about 20000 times. 2. Use receiver as wired remote without transmitter (as wired remote this receiver even do not need battery in it) Single Shooting: Switch on receiver to any position of OFF/ON and press shutter button to take photo. 3. Multi-Channels Control: It has strong anti-interference function and has 16 channels for choose. It is extremely useful for several photographers working nearby. Each photographer could choose their own channel to trigger off shutter release of the camera they are going to use without triggering others' because of overlapping signals.
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