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The Boom Boom Gun Toy for the WINGSLAND S6 drone is a projectile launcher that shoots soft foam balls. It is operated via the mobile app used to control the drone itself. In addition to the Boom Boom Gun, the system features a cartridge, mounting bracket, and a pack of soft foam balls. Features Designed for mounting on your WINGSLAND S6 selfie drone. Operated via WINGSLAND Fly App. Includes cartridge to hold foam balls. Be able to shoot 5 to 6 8mm foam balls at a time. Add more fun for your WINGSLAND S6. Specifications Brand WINGSLAND Type Ball Launcher Designed for WINGSLAND S6 drone Package Weight 500g Package Size 8 x 5 x 3 cm Package Contents 1 x Boom Boom Gun Toy (cartridge included) 1 x Mounting Bracket 1 x Pack of Soft Foam Balls

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