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wind turbine slip ring 4 circuits each 10a of generator motor equirepment купить по лучшей цене

SKU131370 is available now from our US and UK warehouse coupon:BGW370 get 10% off you can also click here to know more ZMR 1804 2400KV Micro Integration Outrunner Brushless Motor for Multicopter 1804 2400KV Micro Size Outrunner Brushless Motor Designed for Multicopter As of testing, full load of this motor demands between 6A - 8A current. So a >10A ESC is recommended, a 6A ESC might be too low if you need to drive it very hard.This is a great little motor suitable for multirotor helicopters size between 200-330mm. Description: Motor Diameter: Approx. 23.6mm Motor Shaft Diameter: 5mm Capable of 6-12~ amps of power draw Includes 1 spinner (5mm diameter) and 4 M2x5 phillips mounting screws Motor wire length = 40mm Which ESC is suitable for this motor? The testing (with 3S Li-Po, 10A ESC and both 5030 2-Blade & 3-Blade Propeller) shows that this motor demands between 7.5 - 8.5A during full load (100% Throttle). So a 10A ESC is preferred to avoid overheat if you plan to drive this motor hard. The temperature of 10A ESC was only a little warm after a continuous full load after 5-6 minutes. 10A G Series SimonK (better option) 10A SS Series SimonK (economy option) A wholesales customer reported that the motors work beautifully which he used 4S 2200mAh 25C with 12A ESC on 5030 Props. But we have not yet tried so it is not guaranteed but you are welcome to report. Why this motor has *R and without *R? When you run your Quadcopter, you need Two Clockwise and Two Anti-Clockwise motors. Without *R is the clockwise motor With *R is the counter-clockwise motor Washer Needed? Depends on the thickness of the frame which you will install this motor, you might need to use a washer with the screws because they might be too long if your frame is thin. So you need to check this carefully during the installation (to see whether the screw is too close to the motor wire inside. If yes, then you need to use a washer). The Washer needed is M2 Washer. Beside using washers, you may also consider to use shorter screws eg. 2*5 or 2*4 depends on the thickness of the frame. The thickness of the frame that this motor was originally designed for is 2.2mm. The screw is about 2*6 (Diameter is about 2mm and the total length is about 5.8mm). So in that case if the thickness of your frame is less than 2.2mm, then you might need to use a Washer, and you need to check carefully during installation whether the screw is too long which touches of the wire inside the motor. Package included: 1 x 1804 2400KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
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