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Book DescriptionPhysical appearance plays a powerful role in social relationships. Those who feel shame regarding the way they look and who think others view their appearance negatively, can be vulnerable to impoverished social relationships and to a range of psychological difficulties. There are few books which look specifically at the many permutations of body shame and their differing treatments. However, in this book, Body Shame: Conceptualization, Research and Treatment, researchers and therapists from a wide range of different disciplines and areas explore the role of shame in various physical and psychological disorders. They also provide practical advice on management and treatment. Chapters are organized to address issues of conceptualization, assessment and treatment on topics such as: * definitional controversies * possible biopsychosocial and evolutionary origins of body shame * effects on adjustment to maturation and aging process * specific forms of disfigurement * the role of body shame in depression, eating disorders and body dismorphic disorder Body Shame gives the reader a deeper insight into the nature and mechanisms of shame, how it can focus on the body, how it can underlie a variety of psychological difficultiesand how intervention can help resolve it. This book will be invaluable for practitioners from different disciplines working with people who have problems centered on their physical appearance and/or functions, and to clinicians working with variou...

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