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vspeed vs4800 usb universal programmer bios gal eprom flash 51 avr pic mcu spi купить по лучшей цене

Model: TL866A - Color: Grey + Green - Material: Plastic - With Multi-functional ICSP interface - 40pin ZIF socket fully automatic support fast mode SPI - USB interface for both data transfer and power supply - With over voltage and over current protection - Supports the serial number of the chips two times development built-in a variety of commonly used automatic numbering functions -Multi-languages support capability: Chinese English - It can program faster than other programmer 500%~1000% - Programming EPROM EEPROM FLASH SPI I2C93Cxx ICSP etc. - Supports thousands of most popular application devices (13071+) - Ideally suits the portable / convenient applications that includes: car automotive field ECU chip tuning airbag reset mileage satellite devices BIOS refreshing xBox Wii gaming machines EPROM sync PIC / MCU development newer laptop technology and newer desktop PC etc. - It has outstanding performance which supports the devices that other similar products are not capable: such as 25LF SPI series PSOP44TSOP48 25VF SPI series PLCC84 SST39VF3201 TE28F102 27C1024 27C1028 HD6475 29F800 29LV800 29F032 etc. - Software update regularly; free life-time software upgrade / download upgrade website: http://www.autoelectric.cn/minipro - Packing list: - 1 x Programmer - 1 x USB cable (120cm) - 1 x ICSP cable(22cm) - 1 x Software CD - 1 x Warranty card
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