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voice prompt wireless wired sms gsm alarm system home auto security systems with pir door alarm sensor control device kit купить по лучшей цене

Model: JD-889 - Quantity: 1 - Color: White - Material: ABS engineering plastic + PC housing - Input: AC 110~220V - Output: DC 12V / 1A - Regulated power supply with a rechargeable battery the positive and negative polarity power interface please do not use other power supply. - Comes with a remote controller powered by 23A DC 12V battery - Effective wireless distance up to 100 meter - Voice decibels: 120dB - Wireless infrared detector: 110 degrees sector wide angle detection range detection distance of 0-6 meters DC9V battery open to interference-free wireless range of up to 100 meters. - Screen display: 2.0 inch LCD - Remote controller distance: Around 40 meter (Under antenna opening). - Built-in UPS backup power supply battery (DC 9V / 1600mAh). - Connected smart telephone use comes with a telephone cable. - Smart audio indication to detect the position. - Self-writing 9 alarm messages to correspond the alarm area - Timing arm can be set in 9 groups disarm time six groups the cyclical timing fortification disarm the temporary timing fortification disarm time. - Alarm voice volume adjustable. - Keyboard password protection: You can set a password to lock the keypad to prevent others operating host keyboard. - Cell phone / telephone remote controlled monitoring and talking. - Built-in artificial intelligence digital voice remote setup control are full voice prompts - Speaker beeper sound 1~30 minutes adjustable. - Alarm delay 0-99 seconds adjustable. - Cell phone ringing 0~9 times adjustable. - Welcoming doorbell function. - 6 programmable audios. - Certification: CE - Packing list: - 1 x Alarm host - 1 x Infrared detector - 1 x Wireless door alarm - 2 x Remote controller - 1 x Buzzer (90cm-cable) - 1 x EU plug power charger (AC 110~240V/90cm) - 1 x Infrared detector installation stand - 1 x Dual-side adhesive tape - 1 x Telephone cable (100cm) - 1 x English user manual
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