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voice prompt wireless wired sms gsm alarm system home auto security systems with pir door alarm sensor control device kit купить по лучшей цене

Features This Intelligent Phone Alarm System comes with main unit, infrared detector, wireless door magnetic contact and remote controller. Automatically calls for help without a monthly monitoring fee(Required a phone line). Effective 300m-500m wireless detecting range. 8 wireless defense zones, including 1 wire zone and 1 instant zone. Pre-voice recording to call help with preset info. 2 deployments of defense to select. Contact ID ADEMC04+2 communication protocol. 5 methods of arming: away arming, perimeter arming, single d zone arming, delay arming remote arming. Multiple codes on your presetting. Applies widely to banks, stores, warehouses, offices and home,it has many kinds of protection abilities like anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, gas leakage protection and most important, emergency calls. Specifications Name Wireless Phone Burglar Home Security System Defense Zones 8 Auto Alarm Cease 10 minutes Effective Range 300m-500m Recording Time 10 secs Monitoring Time 15-30 secs Delay of Retreat 0-255 secs Delay of Access 0-255 secs Voltage AC 220V 50Hz Backup Battery DC 9V 600mAh Temperature -10℃-40℃ Humidity ≤80% Infrared Range 8-12m Detecting Angle 120° Transmit Range ≥300m Infrared Detector Power 4 x AAA battery Door Contact Range 100-300m Power 23A/12V Product Weight 1.3kg package Weight 1.5kg Package Size 30 x 29 x 8 cm Package Contents 1 x Main Unit 1 x Infrared Detector 2 x Remote Control 2 x Door Contact

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