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vention vaa v06 hdmi to vga m f adapter cable купить по лучшей цене

Connect your device with an HDMI output to a VGA-enabled monitor, projector or TV. HDMI male to VGA female Converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal. Compatible with most HDMI source components Such as computers, PS4 and Xbox 360. Support up to 1080P @ 60Hz To ensure stunning high-definition images. Aluminum alloy shell 360-degree enclosed metal shell for durable protection. Oxygen-free copper core Good electrical conductivity and transmission performance ensures efficient signal transmission. 24K gold-plated connector For stable signal transfer and corrosion resistance. Note: One-way conversion only; it doesn't convert VGA to HDMI. Specifications Name HDMI to VGA Adapter Brand Vention Model VAA-V06 Connector HDMI male, VGA female Shell Aluminum alloy Core Oxygen-free copper Shielding Tin foil Length 17cm
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