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Description: Mini Compact Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight Scope With 20mm Picatinny Rail Mount Features: This red laser sight easily attaches to your pistol with the included mount. In no time, you'll be shooting more accurately and more confidently. Get a red laser sight, and hit your target every time. Easy control of the ON/OFF switch. Windage and elevation adjustable (tool included). Fit to 20mm standard picatinny rail. Detachable picatinny rail. Laser Wavelength: 650nM Red Laser Power: 1mw Effective Range: 100 Meter Material: Aluminum alloy Dimensions: 28mm x 26mm/ 1.10" x 1.02" Power Supply: 3 x LR41 Button Cells (Not included) Package Included: 1 x Red Dot Laser Sight Scope 3 x Hex Wenchs Details pictures:
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