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The "Upstream: Beginner AT + ELT DVD" and the "Upstream: Beginner A1 + DVD Activity Book" constitute a short listening and speaking course for learners of English at CEF A1 + level. The DVD reviews and consolidates the material taught in the "Upstream: Beginner A1 + Student's Book" and enhances the learners' grasp of everyday conversational English. The DVD contains 5 modules which have been shot and edited in the style of a TV magazine, each one dealing with language material presented in the corresponding "Upstream: Beginner A1+ Student's Book" module. The DVD Activity Book contains: warm-up and presentation activities. comprehension and consolidation exercises for before, while and after viewing the DVD. speaking tasks which allow students to practise everyday English conversations. an introduction with suggestions and guidance on how the DVD can be used in the classroom.
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