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This Multipurpose Helping Hand Magnifier is especially designed for soldering or other repairing work. With the alligator clips and adjustable holder, you can relax your tired hands and work more efficiently by magnifying the items. 3x/4.5x Magnifier Enlarge small objects to help you see them clearer. 360-degree Adjustable Clips and Holder Hold objects at any angle to help you more convenient to operate. Soldering Stand For electric soldering iron. Ultra-bright LED Light Enables to work well in the dark environment, and energy-saving. Multipurpose Third Hand Tool A useful tool for soldering or repairing work, assemble products or model makers. Specifications Model 7023B Material ABS, metal, acrylic glass Magnification 3x (large lens) 4.5x (small lens) Lens Diameter 75mm (large lens) 20mm (small lens) Power Supply USB charging/3 x AA batteries (not included) Light Source 2 x white LEDs Product Weight 375g Package Weight 530g Product Size 20 x 9.5 x 17 cm Package Size 21 x 10 x 19 cm Package Contents 1 x Welding LED Magnifier 1 x USB Cable
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