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ultimaker 2 um2 extended 3d printer platform kit heated bed table glass aluminum print table base platform free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Are you longing for a 3D printer? Did you ever shrink from the printers in the market that is of daunting price more than once? No worries any more our Me Creator is here to satisfy your craving. Although the price of Me Creator is much more affordable than others the quality is never the sacrifice of the price. We apply world-class manufacturing and engineering principles to the 3D printer. Built on steel-frame design Me Creator stands for reliability and stoutness. Moreover Me Creator is compatible with most OS such as Windows Mac & Linux which allows Me Creator to be easy-to-use multiple functions all you need is just a computer and a power supply to enjoy the pure fun of making. Note that the standard / default control board is RepRap Sanguinololu and the extruder is MK8 (filament diameter=1.75mm nozzle=0.3mm). Features: Creates plastic parts up to 150 x 150 x 150mm Case footprint :300 x 290 x 300mm (L x W x H) Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS/PLA) Heated Aluminum Build Platform with heated Bed Adapt 2GT timing belt to ensure better printing precision (up to 0.1mm) Thumbwheel calibration of platform height - no wrench required Operating voltage: Input 110~120V & 200~240V Output 12V Weight:6.3 kg Notes: Never reach inside your Me Creator printer when it is working. Moving parts can cut or pinch you and several parts reach high temperatures that can cause burns and other injuries. Always allow your Me Creator printer to cool down for at least 15 minutes before you touch any internal part or remove the printed object. Never leave your Me Creator printer unattended while printing or powered on. Always turn off your Me Creator printer and disconnect it from your computer when not in use. Never try to print using any materials that have not been approved by Me Creator. Keep the nozzle tip at least two inches away from the heated build platform anytime you are not running a print job. Never operate your Me Creator printer if it appears damaged. In case of an emergency or malfunction immediately disconnect your Me Creator printer from the power outlet and computer. Package list: 1 x Me Creator 1 x 3m Starter filament 1 x Power supply (4A (12V 29A) ATX interface connection line) 1 x USB Cord (150cm) 1 x Tool kit (a screwdriver an ejector pin and a rasper) 1 x Instruction manual(English)
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