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Robotic urological surgery is one of the most significant urological developments in recent years. It allows for greater precision than laparoscopic methods while retaining quicker recovery time and reduced morbidity over classical open surgical techniques. For children, where the room for error is already reduced because of smaller anatomy, it takes on even more importance for urologists. As a result, robotic surgery is rightly considered one of the most exciting contemporary developments in pediatric urology. Pediatric Robotic and Reconstructive Urology: A Comprehensive Guide provides specialist and trainees with an innovative text and video guide to this dynamic area, in order to aid mastery of robotic approaches and improve the care of pediatric patients. Full-color throughout and including over 130 color images, this comprehensive guide covers key areas including: Training, instrumentation and physiology of robotic urologic surgery Surgical planning and techniques involved Adult reconstructive principles applicable to pediatrics Management of complications, outcomes and future perspectives for pediatric urologic surgery Also included are 30 high-quality surgical videos illustrating robotic surgery in action, accessed via a companion website, thus providing the perfect visual tool for the user. With chapters authored by the leading names in the field, and expertly edited by Mohan Gundeti, this ground-breaking book is essential reading for all pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons and general urologists, whether experienced or in training. Of related interest Smith's Textbook of Endourology, 3E Smith, ISBN 9781444335545 Pediatric Urology: Surgical Complications and Management Wilcox, ISBN 9781405162685
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