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type a high power digital power amplifier board tda7498 chip 100w 100w fever class hifi class d finished product купить по лучшей цене

The United States imported into A960 using large power control chip of the system the non balance to balance after amplification transmission voltage level wide application range can be found in the 12-25v single voltage operation. Power supply of the products manufactured with the 19V in terms of sound quality can provide low frequency high school outstanding enjoyment for you! The built-in loudspeaker protection and start delay circuit switch machine had no impact sound Characteristics of 1: the front stage adopts non balance to balance circuit to control distortion IC its fidelity is extremely high dynamic lot 2: according to the characteristics of digital power amplifier power supply work in high frequency state we use a lot of imported components connected in parallel high-frequency low impedance components composed of a super high-power digital amplifier to good quality Flush type chip speaker protection over-current protection prevent the switch machine impact signal transmission more smoothly the sound effect is better the real 2*50W stereo submerged circuit design; internal product imported as a power supply decoupling capacitor array to make the sound more details start indicator display; with pre amplification can be matched with a computer the above application the family living room applications automotive applications a wide range of applications...... Color: Black Material: Aluminum Power: 100W 50W+50W 4Ω/8Ω Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ efficiency: 81%/4Ω 100W 88%/8Ω 50W The input sensitivity dynamic range: 200mV ± 10mV: 100dB Input voltage: 15V-4A DC Signal input: RCA gold lotus seat The output signal: a signal output line Joint types: Gold plug Interface: RCA plating Product size: 15.5cm (L)X9.7cm (W) X4.8cm (H) Packing size: 26.5cm (L)X18.5cm (W) X6.5cm (H) Product net weight: 405G
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