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trustfire 3 mode 1800 lumen 3 led white bike light w batteries pack купить по лучшей цене

Road safety is a necessity with all the crazy drivers in the world today. Having your bicycle well lit provides you with the visibility required for other drivers to see you as well as allow you to clearly see the hazards on the roads. This bicycle lamp and is strong enough to survive any extreme sport that requires some extra light. The LED emitter provides up to 1800 lumens when set to maximum and has a great strobe feature. Brand: TrustFire Model: TR-D003 Color: Black + Silver Casing: Aluminum alloy case + glass lens; anodic oxidation finish Emitter Brand/Type: Cree 1 x XML / 2 x XPE Emitter BIN: 1 x T6 + 2 x R2 Color BIN: White Total Emitters: 3 Battery Configurations: 4 x 18650 batteries pack (included) Voltage Input: 0.8~8.4V Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie Modes: 3 Mode Memory: No Mode Arrangement: Only XML-T6 light on; two XPE-R2 lights on; all three lights on Circuitry: Digital Regulated 3.8A Current Output Brightness: 1800LM (max) Runtime: 2~2.5 hours (manufacturer rated) Lens: Glass Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Power adapter cable length: 101cm Switch adapter cable length: 37cm Accessories: 1 x AC 100~240V power adapter (2-flat-pin plug / 135cm cable) 3 x Pairs of O rings (25mm/30mm/40mm)
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