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Video Features It is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth Remote Selfie Shutter Control & Gamepad Controller. Support Android & IOS & PC. Used for mobile phone, iPad, MID, TV box, PC, gamepad, wireless mouse,etc. Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad. Supported Emulator ROMs: Nintendo/Sega/Sony Supported Arcade Games: GBA/N64/MAME/NES Support VS mode/Android games/Apple jailbreak games Wireless mouse function. Controller for player Controller for take a picture Small and light, portable to use. Specifications Name Bluetooth Remote Selfie & Gamepad Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 compliant Wireless distance 2-10 meters OS Android/IOS/PC CPU ARM968E-S Core Battery Li-battery 3.7V 180mAh Continuous Time 20-40 hours Working Current 0.5-4mA Standby Current 0.5-1mA Size 73 x 31 x 13 mm Weight 30g
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