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The demand and participation of TV (Technical and Vocational) trainings are highly increasing from time to time. The job opportunities that are being created by acquiring technical skills attract a large number of participants. A well integrated and delivered TV training program can provide skilled and competent graduates and enable the labour market to absorb the worldwide higher level of unemployment. Unlike the general education, TV training needs more practical exercise since it involves direct job oriented training. But a training which lacks the actual work practice makes trainees incompetent. On the other hand, TV requires utilizing huge amount of cost of trainings that cannot be solely afforded by the government. One means of reconciling the demand and supply of the trainings requires a joint cooperation between training institutes and enterprises i.e. cooperative training. The research was initiated mainly to assess the effectiveness of the existing implementation of cooperative training (CT) program in the field of construction. This book became vital as it provides reliable information to decision makers and other users for the improvement of CT program.

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