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A promise made between friends is kept in this detailed account of life after death'Viva' is a story of courage and the power of friendship. After a near-fatal car-crash Vivian struggles to recover, with the help of her friend Marilyn, who has rushed to Texas to assist and be a witness in a tragic situation.When Vivian dies two years later, she keeps her promise to stay in touch with Marilyn, and describes her life beyond the grave. Those who knew Vivian King personally, and those who know her through reading her books 'Being Here When I Need Me' and 'Soul Play', will be impressed by the deep wisdom of her messages. As Vivian wrote in 'Being Here When I Need Me':"Death feels like a tragedy to those who forget that they are the soul playing a masquerade. I guess for them, it is a tragedy. But for those who remember who they are, death is the grand finale on the Earth stage, but not the finale of the Soul's Play."Vivian's soul name is Viva and this is her story.
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