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This book is written in the context of the current Islamic extremist terrorism, its Pakistan based hotbed, its operational access in the central Asia, and Persian Gulf regions, and its global implication. We examine that the invention of Pakistan a few decades ago in the name of Islam from a fragmented, cross border ethnic and geographical arbitrations has inevitably forced all Pakistan’s successive governments to rely on a narrative based on Islamic ideology, and utilization of Islamic groups to keep Pakistan intact. The analysis in this book explains that this same utilization of Islamic narrative and Islamic groups has been the other side of the coin, which has been the fertile ground for extremism and terrorism recruitment and empowerment. The analysis concludes that the utilization of Islamic extremists as the reason for creation of Pakistan has been a slippery slope of empowerment of uncontrollable extremism and transnational Islamic extremist groups, which in turn has become the Achilles’ heel of the conception of Pakistan. The analysis in this book will point out that other Islamic nations have various elements of cultural and historical values in their national narrative.

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