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Brand N/A Model A01 Quantity 1 Color Black + blue Material PCB Features Arduino develop research suite Specification Electronic building blocks standard interface and 2.54mm pin; Bidirectional 10K resistor with the rocker in a different direction the resistance of tap will change; 5V power supply in original state X Y reading voltage is around 2.5V Application Learning board; development board English Manual/Spec Packing List 1 x PS2 rocker 1 x Laser module 1 x Infrared sensor 1 x Infrared barrier sensor 1 x Sound transducer 1 x Flame sensor 1 x Line-tracking sensor 1 x Rotary encoder module 1 x Magic halo module 1 x Digital temperature sensor 1 x 18B20 temperature sensor 1 x Mercury switch module 1 x RGB SMD module 1 x Tilt switch module 1 x Switch key module 1 x Vibration switch module 1 x Analog temperature sensor 1 x Microphone sound sensor 1 x Red / green module 1 x Ultrasonic module 1 x Infrared receiving sensor 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module 1 x 5V single channel relay 1 x Finger heartbeat measurement module 1 x Metal touch module 1 x RGB DIP 1 x Linear hall magnetic module 1 x Active buzzer module 1 x Passive buzzer module 1 x Light interrupt sensor module 1 x Dual color LED module 1 x Hall magnetic sensor 1 x Mini magnetic ring sensor 1 x 7-Color automatic flash module 1 x Photosensitive sensor module 1 x Knock sensor module 1 x Analogy hall magnetic module 1 x Magnetic reed module 1 x Smoke transducer
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