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This work of fiction is a drama of human passion, human tragedy, and inhuman depravity on the part of wolfish aristocrats of Malwadi, a fictional town in the Malwa region of Punjab Province, in India. This is a story of love which portrays the working out of the nemesis upon the evil-doers and this has been done by a young lady, afflicted with AIDS, who offers to become the agent of destruction. While this punishment is on, divine forces intervene and take the sheen off the lives of these aristocratic characters by their own insidious designs. The story is set in 1960s when Punjab was witnessing Green Revolution, and the power was transferred to the Jat Sikhs in Punjab, after the division in 1966 of Punjab into three states, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. This division brought wealth and prosperity to the farmers, and also the political power which was, in some cases, grossly misused for personal ends. This novel brings out the sordid lives of the neo-rich farming classes and their indecent escapades,in utter disregard of their glorious history which accords a place of high respect to women.The novel turns into high tragedy with the ennobling sacrifice of an AIDS victim.

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