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Lainey Hollingsworth, a 35-year-old wife and mother who loves to be at the center of her big messy family, already has an incredibly full life. Her two children, Xav, a happy-go-lucky preteen and Tierney, a hormonally-charged sixteen-year-old, keep her on her toes, and on top of that she's wife and literary coordinator to her bestselling author husband Tom, with whom she's still very much in love. That's not to mention caretaker of her beloved adoptive father, Peter, former head of a venerable London publishing house and now suffering from Alzheimer's, who lives with them. Plus stepmom to Max, her troubled 21-year-old stepson from her husband's first marriage, who's locked himself in the garage with his guitar, smoking weed, getting DUIs, and bringing home girl after girl. She also plays therapist to her best friend Stacy, who's trying to recover from unemployment and a crippling divorce. Everything depends on Lainey! And she is planning on taking some long-delayed time to herself with a trip to Italy to find her roots and treat her family to a much-needed vacation. She always had a complicated relationship with her recently deceased mother, Alessandra, who never revealed the identity of Lainey's real father, nor ever spoke about her childhood or family in Italy. So that's what Lainey's planning on finding out this summer in Italy. But all her plans are derailed when she receives a shocking text message and must figure out an even more personal mystery.

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