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The research relates to child sacrifice being a violation of the right to life. The researcher considers who the child is. The research also briefly considers the true meaning of the right to life in its true essence, without overlooking the basic aspects of the interconnectedness, interrelatedness and interdependence of the right to life relative to other rights like the right to education, right to health, and the right to human dignity. However, regard should be made of the fact that the child is considered as an ‘individual’ who is entitled to special protection in order to enjoy his/her rights just like the other members of society. The researcher also elaborates the aspect of child sacrifice considering what it is and how it is different from sacrifice as known in our traditional societies. It discusses the causes, effects of child sacrifice; the perpetrators of the practice and the kind of children most vulnerable to suffer from it; the researcher also makes a recommendation from the findings made and then gives a conclusion.

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