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In today’s ever changing world, all types of organizations have increased their efforts to identify planned change models to address the many emerging challenges and opportunities they face. Despite the popularity of planned change efforts, the failure rates of implementation are as high as 50 to 70 percent. While these efforts are affected by technical issues, organizational culture and communication practices are thought to play a more critical role. The central purpose of this book is to examine the role of organizational culture and communication in the implementation of the popular performance-based management system known as Compstat, which has been implemented by many police organizations in the U.S. This book provides a contextual, reciprocal, and interactional understanding of the role that culture and communication play in the Compstat implementation. This approach brings a rich explanation of the change process that ultimately increases the likelihood of a successful implementation of change models. This book is especially useful to professionals in Communication, Criminal Justice and Management fields, or Managers who are planning to adopt these kinds of change models.
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