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The book explains the nature and characteristics of return migration from the three villages in Malappuram district of Kerala. Kerala has been experiencing the high rate migration to gulf countries particularly after the oil boom of 1970s, since then it had drastic changes in all sectors of the karalla economy like, consumption, investment, saving, real estate and living standard, demography, but the situation drastically changed since 1996. The fall in oil prices recession in gulf countries, stiff completion of migrants belonging to other countries, policy to reduce the size of foreign workers, promotion of native workers in the job placements, reduction in the wage rate and imposing stringent restrictions of migrant labor has resulted the exodus of large number of migrants. The book concludes that whatever the skills acquired by the migrants from the migration phase,are not using by the migrants and earnings are not using in a productive manner. In the matter of occupation choice of the migrant the return emigrant are not willing to go their traditional sectors of job, rather they are searching for the job in the tertiary sectors or become self-employed people in their own place.

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