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A dazzling series of segments from the benchmark music-TV program "Melody Ranch," which brought rising and well-known stars of country music to West-Coast television in the late 60's and early 70's.Such artists as Glen Campbell, Merle Haggard, Barbara Mandrell, Waylon Jennings, Roy Clark, Donna Fargo, and others (appearing on various volumes of this Melody Ranch series) are seen as young singers on the rise, performing the hits that would soon make them country superstars. Nostalgia buffs and country music lovers alike will be compelled by glimpses of today's veterans as eager youngsters - and by reminders of the charm of pre-MTV approaches to music television.Tracklist: 01. Sons Of The Pioneers - Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Nolan) 02. Sons Of The Pioneers - That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie / Smith) 03. Sons Of The Pioneers - Tumbleweed Trall (Nolan) 04. Sons Of The Pioneers - Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones) 05. Sons Of The Pioneers & The Gang - Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Howe / Steffe) 06. Guadalaraja Boys - Spanish Tune (copyright control) 07. Cathie Taylor & Guadalaraja Boys - Quando Callenta El Sol (Martinoli / Rigual / Rigual) 08. Billy Mize - Vaya Con Dios (James / Pepper / Russell) 09. Melody Ranch Gang & Barbara Mandrell - Careless Lore (Handy / Koenig / Willlams) 10. Barbara Mandrell - Don't Touch Me (Cochran) 11. Gordon Terry - Almost Alone (Terry / Pitts) 12. Barbara Mandrell & Melody Ranch Gang - Cool Water (Nolan) 13. Barbara Mandrell - Slippery Elm (Haynes / Haynes) 14. Billy Mize - Sweet Dreams (Gibson) 15. Melody Ranch Gang & Barbara Mandrell - Get On Board Little Children (trad.) 16. Melody Ranch Gang & Barbara Mandrell - Lead Me Gently Home Father (Thompson) 17. Melody Ranch Gang - Wabash Cannonball (Carter) 18. Johnny Bond - Ro-Ro Rollln' Along (Mencher / Moll / Richman) 19. Glen Campbell - Gentle On My Mind (Hartford) 20. Cathie Taylor - Misty Blue (Montgomery)

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