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The Rake to Ruin HerKnown as ‘Magnificent Max’, diplomat Max Ransleigh was famed for his lethal charm until a political betrayal left him exiled from government and his reputation in tatters. He seems a very unlikely saviour for a well-bred young lady.Except that Miss Caroline Denby doesn't want to be saved…she wants to be ruined! To Caroline, getting married is tantamount to a death sentence, and meeting the rakish Max at a house party seems the answer to her prayers… Surely this rogue won’t hesitate to put his bad reputation to good use?The Rake to Redeem HerWill Ransleigh, illegitimate nephew of the Earl of Swynford, has the tall, aristocratic bearing of nobility – and the resourceful cunning of a streetwise rogue. He is on a mission to clear his cousin’s name that will take him across the Continent into a world of international intrigue – and the arms of Elodie Lefevre, the society hostess who brought shame to his family.Is she seductress, spy, or damsel in distress? In the haze of the sensual spell she casts, Will has to keep his wits about him and uncover the true nature of this mysterious Madame…

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