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The practical philosophy and worldview outlined by one of the 20th century's foremost theologians is the subject of Dr. Patrick B. Crean's new book, Science, Self-Knowledge and Spirituality: A Feedback Model of Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Human Consciousness (ISBN 978-1-897435-60-1). This creative, concise book is a perfect primer for those curious about, or challenged by, the works of Bernard J.F. Lonergan, SJ, CC (1904-1984), the Canadian philosopher, theologian and economist best known for his worldview of the universe which brings together science, self-knowledge and spirituality. Crean not only captures the essence of Lonergan's major works, such as Insight: A Study of Human Understanding (1957) and Method in Theology (1972), he also extends it - through a unique feedback model of human consciousness - providing a practical and life-changing application of Lonergan's thought. The topic is introduced through the notion of a human spacecraft as a metaphor for human consciousness and what goes on in it, illustrating that to operate such a "vehicle" successfully on its journey through life, one must have a practical grasp of how to make it function properly. Crean invites others to join him in a compelling inquiry into the nature of their own consciousness and the direction and meaning of their life that will most surely evolve. "Seek and you shall find." But where shall we seek? What shall we find? An autobiographical account that applies the working model can be found...

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