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Easily store and transfer your favorite photos, videos and more media from your tablets and PCs with this cool credit card shape USB flash drive. USB connection No external power supply, support plug & play. Fast transfer speed Fast speed in write/read transfer. Credit card shape Comes in credit card shape, easy to put in your wallet or put on their keychain. Durable data storage Solid State Storage, shock proof, and electromagnetic proof. Capacities from 8GB to 32GB Allows you to store music, films and a variety of other personal and professional files. Use A-class chip It can be erased repeatedly for 100,0000 times. Compatibility Compatible with PC, notebook. Support different types of OS. Specifications Interface USB2.0 USB Service Voltage 4.5V-5.5V Environment Temperature -40°C - +70°C Storage Temperature -50°C - +80°C Hardware requirement PC with USB connection, Notebook, MAC Capacity 8GB/16GB/32GB Weight 10g Product Size 8.5cm x 5.3cm x 0.3cm Package Size 10cm x 8cm x 4cm What's in the box? 1 x Bank Credit Card Shape USB Flash Drive
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