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A comprehensive and accessible overview of the Criminal Justice System, its framework, institutions, practitioners and working methods that will be of interest to any reader seeking an up-to-date description of this important and historic sphere of public affairs. An informative, practical handbook that describes the wide-ranging developments and changes that have taken place in relation to crime prevention, public safety, the entire criminal process and the punishment of offenders. Highly acclaimed since first published in 1995, this new extensively updated edition of The Criminal Justice System covers the spectrum of the criminal process against a backdrop of the Common Law, legislation and human rights from investigation and arrest to trial, sentence, release from prison and parole, as well as such key reforms as the Ministry of Justice and new-style Home Office. Part of our growing Introductory Series, and available on this website as a special value three book set with the matching volumes;The New Home Office: An Introduction and The New Ministry of Justice: An Introduction for just ?39.95 (and delivered FREE in the UK). N.B. Total separate RRP for these three books is ?64.50, total price when bought separately on is currently ?55.50 Reviews 'This is an excellent book and is one which any student studing criminal justice should buy. The book will be particular interest to my first year undergraduate students studying an 'Introduction to Criminal Proc...

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