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Poor Organizational performance in most of Tanzanian firms has been exacerbated due to most of employees being unmotivated. The critical addressed problem is that what seems to be a motivation strategy to one employee, it may not be the case to other employee. This study aimed at examining the effect of employee’s motivation on job performance. A case study design was adopted. A sample size of 15 respondents was selected using judgmental non-probability sampling technique. Data were collected using questionnaire, interview, observation as well as documentary sources. Collected data were analysed used SPSS and presented using tables and frequences. The findings revealed that the motivation strategies applied in the organization includes; provision of transport facilities, pay of fringe benefits, promotion of workers, regular training, provision of food allowance and cooperation between employees and management. The revealed achievement through motivating employees were such as improvement of employee living standards and working environment.The observed challenges in motivating employees were lack of fund, difficult to link incentives with performance and lack of cooperations.
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