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This book work was carried out at Antoniadis garden, Alexandria-Egypt, through the years 2008-2013. It aimed to analyze the situation of the garden in order to know the real reasons of collapse so as to start development programs capable of pushing the garden to help in the process of the international recognition of Antoniadis as a botanical garden. Al-Nozha garden complex contains four important gardens, Antoniadis garden, Rose garden, Zoological garden & Al-Nozha public garden. The complex was founded 300 B.C., but Antoniadis garden was founded 1860 by Sir John Antoniadis to be a private garden for his palace. The general layout of Antoniadis Botanical garden is a kind of mixed style, subdivided into 14 zones that are well illustrated & documented containing all landscape features from hardscape components to plant content; explaining the floristic composition of the garden in layouts and tables. Also a new conceptual design was drafted to enrich the Floristic composition of the garden & adding some new garden components to increase its value, in addition to collecting visitors' data to explain the decrease in visitors' numbers visiting the garden with the reasons of decrease.
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