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Excerpt from The Original Phi Beta Kappa Records: Including the Minutes of the Meetings From December 5, 1776 to January 6, 1781 at the College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia and Also the Form of Initiation, the Constitution and the Form of Charter Party Authorizing the Establishment of BrancAll members of Phi Beta Kappa are aware that the history of the original Society is unique. Of the main facts we are now in full possession. For many years this was not the case, owing in part to the loss of the original records, and in part to the early transference of the Society's activities from Virginia to New England. The finding of the records has made possible an entire rewriting of the early history of the Fraternity.It is now over thirty years since the records were re-discovered. For a time they were only known through a manuscript copy. But in July, 1896, they were published in The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, which was and still is edited by Dr. Lyon G. Tyler, President of the College, and have since been available to students, not, however, to the great majority of our members. Hence we take this occasion to reprint them that this unique original source of Phi Beta Kappa history may be generally available.For a history of the original society based upon a study of the original records our readers are referred to an article by the writer, printed in The Key, vol. i, no. 7, pp. 8-36. This was supplemented by an article in the following nu...
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