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How different the career and music of Bruce Springsteen could have turned out had it not been for his legally enforced recording hiatus, witnessed between the release of his celebrated "Born To Run" album and the delayed but extraordinary follow-up, "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" - almost three years later. Despite the undeniable strength of his 75 opus, during this break from the studio, many wondered if the future of rock n' roll' was a one trick pony who had somehow managed to capture the imagination of the media for a brief moment, but in reality was just yet another "new Bob Dylan" who got lucky.Opinion changed dramatically when "Darkness" hit the stores in Spring 1978, with the record impressing all quarters of the music community, even scooping album of the year in the then mighty-hip N.M.E, beating selections that year by the fashionable likes of The Jam, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Talking Heads to the top spot.The record was also launch pad for anextraordinary era in Springsteen's career, as first base for a triumvirate of albums - he followed it with the quite remarkable "The River" and the downbeat but iconic "Nebraska" - all prior to his first taste of the real big-time which saw a very different songwriter to that which had composed his first six records, emerge. This film examines the period between the start of the lull and the threat of the storm, when Bruce Springsteen recorded and released, arguably, the finest music he was ever going to make. Featuring rare and classic performance footage, archive interviews with the Boss himself, contributions from those who know the man best and who were around him during the 1975-1985 period, plus seldom seen photographs, news reports, newly discovered film material and some of the finest music ever made!
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