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Biodiversity is defined in many ways,but they all carry an implicit message: the Earth's diversity of life form is enormous & we need to appreciate & protect this. The widespread use of the word has succeeded in broadening our horizons & led us to look beyond vertebrate animal level & to recognize the extraordinary diversity of smaller invertebrate forms which invariably draws focus to the insects as they represent almost half of all known species. These extremely diverse creatures are important for human survival. Few species are so crucial that if they become extinct the wider ecosystem may collapse. Ants are used to measure pollutants. Bees are used to trace metal toxicity,radioactivity. Wasps bio-monitor lead pollution. Thus the authors visit the Western Himalaya,not only rich in biodiversity but its scenic beauty leaves the admirers astounded. Corbett N.P. is one of the best conservation hub in India,in the lap of Himalaya,where the roar of the tiger penetrates the sky,the thrill of adventure in the wild makes one awestruck. The authors experience it from such a viewing angle; keen to let the world have access to awareness & knowledge of the entomofaunal properties of nature.

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