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How can you learn to play the viola when there are no indications of where the notes are on the fingerboard? This is a viola instruction workbook that focuses on the ninth, tenth, and eleventh positions. Students practice reading viola music and then learn to find where those notes are on the viola. Through this viola method, students will internalize the fingerboard by experiencing it visually, kinesthetically and aurally. See the notes, hear the notes, feel the notes. Whether you are a viola beginner or advanced, a child, kid or adult, this could be considered a "Viola for Dummies" viola music book. Truthfully, it's a "Viola for Smarty's" music book! You will get the tools you need to effectively learn the notes of any viola sheet music or Suzuki viola music. The Fingerboard Workbook for the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Positions Map the Viola for Good is book 7 of a 7 part series. The series covers the fingerboard from 1st to 11th positions.
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