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Positioning is one of the most frequently performed nursing activities in the intensive care units. However literature review documented lack of knowledge about the relationship of cerebral dynamics and different body positions among acute traumatic brain injury patients. the aim of this study was to assess the effect of supine and semi-fowler position on cerebral oxygenations and physiological parameters among patients with acute traumatic brain injuries at Cairo University Hospitals as indicated by: Glasgow coma score (GCS), arterial blood gases values (ABG), oxygen saturation and vital signs (pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate). Descriptive exploratory repeated measures design was used in this study. The study was conducted on 39 subjects admitted with acute traumatic brain injury within the first 48 hours of hospital admission. Result revealed that semi-Fowler position has positive effect on cerebral dynamics, arterial blood gases, and hemodynamic parameters it help in improving the cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP).Understanding the effect of positions on cerebral dynamics in traumatic brain injured patients helps in improve the prognosis and decrease the complication
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