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This meditation journal may help you feel more present in your everyday life by using simple checks at the beginning and end of your day. These check-ins are repeatable and can help you create a new pattern of awareness in ways that are easy to apply.Sample ExcerptThe day is split up into three parts: the beginning, middle, and end. The beginning of the day is about rising from slumber back into our skin. The way we start our day is how it continues until we decide to reflect on it. The middle of the day is running on autopilot from how we started the day. In the middle of the day, many events occur that can throw us off from what we want from our day. These distractions can be the smallest things: from spilling your hot coffee on your shirt on the way to work to being three-minute late for your bus that only comes every forty-five minutes. I like to call the middle of the day the struggle. The end of the day is time for reflection or to continue to run on autopilot from the struggle. During this time, we can ask ourselves questions about the day and see if we like the events that happened. This reflection is easier to do at home but can also be done by taking breaths when something goes wrong. Having a reflective moment during the middle of the day can help us get out of the struggle for some time until we trip again. The day can range from being exhausting to energizing; it all depends on how we feel our day. I believe it is important to keep myself in check when I wake up ...

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