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1 Security architecture design international pop style ergonomics ample interior space easy to operate comfortable to wear full protection of the face neck and ears; 2 Using high-quality LCD and optical coatings shielded permanent UV / IR protection (protection class 15 #) protecting operator from the harmful rays of UV / IR injury; 3 The new optical control of liquid crystal light valve auto-dimming technology multi-layer LCD and coated glass effectively block the ultraviolet infrared visible light is more easy to pass thereby protecting the welders eyes so the clearly observe the welding object reducing the repeated welding improving welding efficiency; 4 The automatic change of the original light control circuit the goggles on the arc of the response time of less than 1/10000 seconds from the bright state level into a dark state level thereby reducing the unexpected moments arc damage to the eyes; 5 The original anti-interference switch design to prevent the side near the complex environment to see clearly the welding object; 6 The arc disappears goggles flip to the time of the bright state-level protection by the dark state level be set according to demand within 0.1 seconds / 1.2 seconds; 7 With manual level setting function automatically change light welding goggles bright state level DIN4 dark state level DIN9 ~ DIN13Darkening welding cap. Item Parameterя╝Ъ Light Shade: DIN4; Dark Shade: DIN9~13; Way to shift Dark State:Outer Control stepless shift; Switching Time:1/10000s; Sensitivity Adjustment:Stepless Control; Delay Time:0.1S~0.6S; Power Supply: lithium battery / Solar powered; Rated Capacity of Lithium Barrtery:1200mAh; Operating Temperature:-10~65'C Sensors to Weld Arc: 2; Mask Material:PA/PP; Protect Grade against UVB: DIN15.
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