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This vintage work contains a guide to sea fishing, being a comprehensive and informative book on sea fishing and sea tackle. The descriptions of tackle and baits will be found most useful to those who visit the sea-side on health and pleasure-seeing expeditions. Although old, much of the information contained herein is timeless, making this a great resource for the sea-fisher and a worthy addition to collections of related literature. The chapters of this book include: Lines, Rod, Winch, Bolters, Salmon and Sea Trout, Casting Lines, Flies, Description of Flies, Sea Trout Flies, The Cross Line, The Otter, The Mackerel, The Grey Mullet, The Herring, The White Bait, The Basse, The Gurnard, The Bream, et cetera. We are republishing this antiquarian volume now complete with a new introduction on the history of fishing.

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