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Light (phos) means "to give light." It is that which enables us to see (able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong). It is the intellectual, moral, and spiritual element by which we may see (Matthew 6:23). Jesus Christ is the light of the world (John 1:9) and the 'children of light' is a term for true disciple (Luke 16:8 and Ephesians 1:8). God is the source of this light as the sun is the other. Through our light, we make God visible to all men and demonstrate that His love transcends all that is wrong with this world. Light defines the very essence of the children of God. It is a word that is used throughout The Holy Bible 264 times! It is characterized as an element that: Illuminates, Shines, Exposes and expels darkness, Projects and extends brightness, Causes one to see, Radiates, and Reveals. Light is described as an element that represents: • Radiance (Matthew 7:12) • Spiritual awareness and right living (1 John 1:7) • A characteristic of God (Psalm 27:1) • The opposite of darkness (Genesis 1:3-4) • Illuminates (Matthew 6:22) • Leads the way (Micah 7:8), and • The Glory of God (1 Timothy 6:16). The biblical message, biblical preaching, and biblical teaching in this devotional/gift book come from Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures. Matthew 5:13-16 serves as biblical study and, in essence, the biblical thought for the day relative to the significance of the word "light." Discover the purpose drive life and rediscovering the kingdom...
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